Mike Makepiece has some nautical books For Sale :-

1. A first edition of "The War with Cape Horn" 1971 published by Hodder & Stoughton - £40

2. The American First Edition 1971 published by Charles Scribner - £30

3. "Falmouth for Orders" 1972 edition published by Patrick Stephens - £25

They are all in very good condition and still have their dustjackets.

If you are interested please contact Mike on Kidlington 01865 376667



For the best dressed yachts - WHCC Burgees, ask Terry Jones - no boat should be without one - only £20.


Club Tie.

We now have a club tie. They are navy blue with the WHCC logo in green repeated all the way down the tie

Several have gone already, so you may see them sported. Although WHCC is hardly the sort of outfit to be thought of as a Tie Club, when the occasion arises (e.g. post gathering dinners in other yacht clubs) I am sure they will look very dapper. Think of them as your own personal burgee. If your boat has a burgee then clearly you need a tie! Why not buy the set for £24? Ties are available from Clive Sutherland for a £4 (minimum) donation to the RNLI.


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