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Live Free AIS vessel plotting

This is a sample. Click on the link above to go to the website.



All you would-be racing skippers out there check this out ...
Are you suffering withdrawal symptoms during the cold weather? Click here to download a very addictive sailing racing game (free fully working demo). You can even race against other skippers across the internet!


You can now listen to Tom Cunliffe and Libby Purves from Yachting Monthly on line here. Download their podcasts for listening later. There are video clips from the yachting press as well as other items of interest.

Why is there so little Sailing coverage on TV?

Sailing is one of the most popular sports in the UK but there is very little TV coverage (unless you buy it from Sky - even then its seldom shown outside of the Whitbread / Volvo timetable). Perhaps its because sailing is better to do than to watch. Anyway here is a link to U-tube which has lots of sailing footage to choose from.

Now Yachting Monthly have their own YouTube channel with various interesting video demonstrations.

Windguru is a very accurate wind site which has actual and forecast data

Also very good is XCWeather - recently recommended by Ludo during his talk in October 2012.

Magic Seaweed Really good animated wind charts, pressure etc for a week ahead.

Local Weather (Brize Norton).

Met. Office Shipping Forecast.

Coastal Area Wind map

Oxford Sailing Club

Met office visible satellite picture

Inshore Forecast, Weather reports from Coastal Stations

Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Royal Yachting Association

'Easytide' tidal predictions / graphs

European Shipping movements


Sailing Europe offers you attractive sailing holidays in Croatia, Greece, Italy and beyond. Experience the true beauty of the Mediterranean.

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