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The Silhouette Association recommends Basic Boat Liability Company as the best for third party only insurance. Their secretary has recently had an update from the company and we pass these details on to our members.

They have recently teamed up with Royal and Sun Alliance and have improved benfits at no extra cost.

GONE is the £100 excess
UP is the liability limit from £3 million to a staggering £45 million.
UP is the wreck removal cover from £10,000 to £50,000
And Premiums start at £62.10

Their address is 17 Hatherley Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 4BP Tel 08707 870030
Website www.basic-boat.com



George Huxtable offers this insurance dialog he recently had with his long standing insurer:

My old Tupperware boat dates from 1967, and we have owned her since 1974.
She was insured with the same firm for many years, and nobody has ever asked
that she be surveyed.

Three years ago, those insurers stopped doing yacht business, and my
insurance transferred to GJW Direct (Groves, John, and Watkins) of
Liverpool, about whom I have no complaints.

A year ago I was informed that for the next renewal, in Spring 09, a survey
would be required from a professional underwriter. Unwelcome news indeed! To
avoid it, I was quite prepared to forgo comprehensive insurance for the
boat, and just take third party insurance, which is compulsory if you berth
in Poole (and in other harbours, too, no doubt). So I phoned GJW to ask
about third-party insurance. They told me that they only did comprehensive
insurance, so I said I would have to find another insurer, then, at next

"Wait a minute", said the lady, "I'll have a word with an underwriter". She
came back to tell me that it had been agreed that an "owner's condition
report" would be acceptable in place of a survey. That sounded like good

I was sent a form to fill in, at next renewal. It divided the boat into
about 20 different aspects: hull, rigging, sails, fastenings, steering, fire
prevention, engine, that sort of thing. All perfectly reasonable, though
some didn't apply. And it asked me to tick one of three boxes, against each
of those aspects- "Good", "Fair", and "Poor-needs attention".

You will not be surprised to learn that there were no entries coming within
that last category, which was answered quite honestly. I sent the form off,
with my premium, and the policy has just been renewed, with no questions. It
has a note on it to inform me that come 2012, a new "owner's condition
report" would be required. Who could argue with that?

I should add that this year GJW had paid out over £1000 to repair damage to
the rudder, as a result of her being run into by another boat at her berth,
and made no hassle whatseover. They left it to me to choose my own repairer,
accepted his quote without a quibble, and paid up promptly when it was done.
The repairer tells me that it corresponds to his previous experience with
that insurer, very different to many other insurers.

Draw your own conclusions.