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Summer Gathering 2006


Summer Gathering 2008


Summer Gathering 2009

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Trip to Chatham Naval Dockyard - September 2009.

 Sailor and his moll. Mike & Barbara                  HMS Gannet restored                               A motley crew joins the Kingswear Castle
 pretend to be Lord Nelson and                          to her former glory      	       	                 the last coal fired paddle steamer
 Lady Hamilton.

Annual Dinner 2010.


A selection of the images from Clive Sutherland's talk on lesser known Channel Islands:

Bishops Rock Lighthouse


Braye lighthouse




Chausey chart





Hugh Town


St Michelle



Pictures from the Gathering at Gins Farm 2010.

How did Mike get his hands on Barbara's purse? while Bob strikes his classic pose holding a glass of red.

Clive struggles with his WHCC tie !


Mike looks pleased with his new boat


Nice hat !



Summer Gathering 2011

Barbara sets the world to rights


The wine goes straight to Clive's hair !


What a whole bottle of white left?


The fleet is in

'Morwenna' trip

Any volunteers to climb the mast?

                      Mike contemplates all that varnishing !                                                                  The crew 


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