WHCC burgee

Chairman's Column

Despite minor setbscks the Club has had a reasonably successful year. Again another enjoyable dinner at the Merry Miller got it off to a good start. Numbers were slightly up on last year & the good food & company meant we all had an enjoyable time.
After an abortive attempt to find a new venue for meetings, we decided we could not do better than "the devil we knew" & settled back at the R.B.L. Hall at Hanney.
Those of you who were at the March meeting will have seen that the hall is now partially carpeted which, to my ear at least, seemed to improve the acoustics.

The family problems experienced by Mike & Barbara Coombes & their subsequent departure for Australia & New Zealand meant that after a good start we could no longer rely on him for a supply of speakers. However, with the help of the Committee & personal contacts I have been able to fill the season until May, with what I hope you will find are a mix of interesting talks. I wish Mike & Barbara a good trip & look forward to their return in May.
If any of you can give us an illustrated talk or can suggest speakers or topics you would like to hear, please contact me. With these & Mikes help I will try & fill out the 2013 season from September to Christmas, After the Summer sailing season (should Summer ever arrive!!)
On March 4th.a visit was arranged to the Solent Coastguard H.Q. Garry Hall gave us a very interesting tour of the place & a comprehensive lecture on the history of the Coast guard, which was set up before Robert Peel established the police force. It was a pity so few members went but with support from POG we had a respectable group & all enjoyed it.
I still hope to arrange a sail on the Lugger "Ocean Pearl" out of Emsworth but must await Mike's return to arrange this.

We have booked Sept. 7th & 8th for the Club Gathering & Dinner at Ginns Farm, on the Beaulieu River. These are always enjoyable events & I wish more of you would come along & support your Club. This year we hope to have 3 or 4 boats there & if you can't scrounge a lift as a crew member it is fairly easily reached by road. Do give it a try & show you appreciate the work the Committee does for you.
Please also look at & support our Website. It is an excellent advert for the Club. If you can send a short report or pictures of a relevent item you have attended recently it will help to improve our image as a dynamic Club

My thanks to John Driver who has acted as Scrutineer of our accounts for a number of years & who has now retired.
Thanks also to all the Committee for the work they do to keep the Club "afloat" & running. I look forward to seeing you all in April.

Terry Jones