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Next meeting - January 12th 2015 - WHCC Annual Dinner menu & details


January 12th 2015 WHCC Annual Dinner. Please make your choice from the new menu & send Rob a cheque.

A really useful App for Smart phones, Boat Beacon is a real time display of ships who are on the AIS network. The Pocket Mariner website has many other useful Apps.

Similar but free option is ShipFinder - try it.

Catch up with Dylan Winter on his KTL circumnavigation of the UK in his Mirror Offshore - he has now reached Scotland (Autumn 2013)

We are hoping to arrange a sail on the Lugger "Ocean Pearl" out of Emsworth. If you are interested please contact Terry so he can gauge numbers. Click on the pictures for more information about the boat.

LIVE ship movements (AIS) data now available here - the page auto refreshes and you can zoom in to any area. Try both images (they go to different AIS sites). Now available as an App for Android devices & "i" series from Apple. Ship Finder is now a FREE app for iPhone, iPad etc


Download some sailing items of interest to your computer or MP3 player click here for the Furled Sails podcasts or here for Yacht Cruising video items.  

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has a regular spot on Radio Solent's H20 show.

Listen to his podcasts here

Sailing News - Online version of Boat News featuring a campaign to save 'Lively Lady'



Live Sailing news tickertape - click on a story to find out more . . .(Doesn't work with Firefox)



Don't have the right size chart? Try these links (click on the images) for fully zoomable (to full resolution) chartlets. Lots of other information on these excellent sites.

In addition if you intend sailing the East Coast don't forget to download the latest shifting sands chartlets here.


New System for the Disposal of Time Expired Pyrotechnics from the MCA

see also the latest Notices to Mariners here



Yachting Monthly has Libby Purves'

and Tom Cunliffe's columns in MP3 format.

Right click on the blue .mp3 file & select 'Save Link As'


Sadly, this is now 69p per issue - even though its free in paper form. I think they have got this the wrong way round!


Read 'All at Sea' on line

Click on the logo                                    Two recent observations on 
                                                                  Marine Insurance matters. 
More details



Have you tried Google Earth yet? As sailors and navigators it is an extremely useful resource. Great for checking the pilotage and approaches of a new port or secluded anchorage. It now has wave height buoy data! Download it here. (Better with broadband). 'Streetview' covers most of the Worlds streets and roads. Also available as an App for Smartphones.



Monitor your favourite RNLI stations from your PC.

Click on the picture to download the Pager software.

Now also available for your mobile. Click here to check launches in your area


Click on the picture to update yourself on the latest VHF developments.
Try this link for pretty good quality sailing video news items.


Your website needs YOU !

Please contribute material to expand the website and make it more interesting.

We particularly need sailing pictures (from your last cruise?), anecdotes, confessions etc.

If you find any interesting links on the internet which other members may also find interesting please send them to peter.bradley2@btconnect.com and I'll include them.

Your website needs YOU !

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